Source: Revised GRE PDF 1st Ed. Section 3: Verbal; #6 (p. 52)


To the untutored eye the tightly forested Ardennes

To the untutored eye the tightly forested Ardennes hills around Sedan look quite (i) , (ii) place through which to advance a modern army; even with today’s more numerous and better roads and bridges, the woods and the river Meuse form a significant (iii). Blank (i): impenetrable, inconsiderable, uncultivated Blank (ii): a makeshift, an unpropitious, an unremarkable Blank (iii): resource, impediment, passage

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Ujjwal Prazapati

What do 'untutored eye' refer in sentence. Isn't it something like that to an untutored eye path will not look bad?

Sep 9, 2019 • Comment

Sam Kinsman, Magoosh Tutor

The word "tutor" means "instructor" or "teacher." So the "untutored eye" means "the uninstructed eye" or "the untrained eye." In other words, we are referring to a person who has not received any kind of special instruction or teaching in terms of how to look at the forest.

Sep 16, 2019 • Reply


Gravatar Chris Lele, Magoosh Tutor

Sep 25, 2012 • Comment

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