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Source: Official Guide Revised GRE 2nd Ed. Part 9; Section 4; #6


Everyone has routines that govern their work

Everyone has routines that govern their work. The myth is that artists are somehow different, that they reject (i), but of course that’s not true: most artists work as the rest of us do, (ii), day by day, according to their own customs. Blank (i): latitude, habit, materialism Blank (ii): impetuously, ploddingly, sporadically

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Chris Lele


Dec 2, 2012 • Comment

Vivek Sethia

I have a doubt here. Why can't we have the second blank as "impetuously"?

"The artists perform their routine tasks so fast everyday that people think they have rejected the habit altogether."

Plus, the word "plodding" has a negative connotation, like unexciting, lacking in imagination, but there is nothing negative pointed out for routine tasks.

Feb 24, 2014 • Reply

Lucas Fink

Good question, Vaibhav. One of the most common traps in text completions, one the hardest hurdles to overcome, is not reading possible situations into the sentence. Even if we said that artists might work "impetuously," there's nothing in the sentence that suggests that. You must use evidence from the sentence to get to your answer.

"Ploddingly" matches with "day by day," and so it's the correct answer even if it's surprisingly a bit negative.

I suspect you looked at the answer choices before coming up with your own guess, and that's why impetuously seemed so attractive. Always use the evidence in the sentence to predict a matching word before looking at the answer choices. You'll force yourself to only use the evidence in the text, that way, rather than bringing up other possible scenarios.

Feb 28, 2014 • Reply

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