Source: Revised GRE PDF 2nd Ed. Section 5; #19 (p. 81)


In 2000 the amount of Germany’s gasoline tax

In 2000 the amount of Germany’s gasoline tax revenue was approximately what percent less than the amount of its income tax revenue? 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%

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Abhiram Ravikumar

Why do we need to divide by 28.6 again? Shouldn't it be just the difference of the percentages themselves?

Jun 16, 2017 • Comment

Cydney Seigerman, Magoosh Tutor

Excellent question, Abhiram!

In this question, we need to calculate the percent difference. The formula for percent difference is

[new - original] / [original] x 100%

For this question, it's a little confusing because we're dealing with percents themselves. However, we can think of "percent" as the unit, and the unit doesn't change the equation itself. By dividing by the original amount, we're finding the fraction of the change compared to the original amount. Then, to find the percent change, we need to multiply by 100%. :)

I hope this helps!

Jun 19, 2017 • Reply


Gravatar Chris Lele, Magoosh Tutor

Sep 27, 2012 • Comment

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