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Source: Official Guide Revised GRE 1st Ed. Part 4; Set 4; #2


Which of the following best describes the function

Which of the following best describes the function of the second sentence (“A Dream . . . essayists”) in the context of the passage as a whole? I enjoyed A Dream of Light & Shadow: Portraits of Latin American Women Writers for the same reasons that, as a child, I avidly consumed women’s biographies: the fascination with how the biographical details of another female’s life are represented and line interpreted. 5 A Dream offers a rich read, varied in both the lives and texts of the women portrayed, and the perspectives and styles of the sixteen essayists. Yet, as an adult, I have come to demand of any really “great” book a self-consciousness about the tenuous nature of representations of reality, a critical contextualization of florid detail, and a self-awareness of the role of ideology in our lives. In these critical senses, A Dream is 10 inadequate. To give examples of how A Dream presents fascinating portraits that display awareness of the tenuous nature of representations of reality, To elaborate on how A Dream fulfills the author’s childhood criteria for a pleasurable book, To suggest that the author enjoyed A Dream for reasons more sophisticated than the reasons she enjoyed certain books as a child, To illustrate ways in which the author finds A Dream to be inadequate in certain critical senses, To imply that A Dream is too varied in focus to provide a proper contextualization of the biographical details it offers

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