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Source: Official Guide Revised GRE 1st Ed. Part 4; Set 6; #3


It can be inferred that the process described

It can be inferred that the process described in the passage makes use of which of the following? For hot desert locations with access to seawater, a new greenhouse design generates freshwater and cool air. Oriented to the prevailing wind, the front wall of perforated cardboard, moistened and cooled by a trickle of seawater pumped in, cools and moistens hot air blowing in. This cool, humidified air accelerates plant growth; little water evaporates from leaves. Though greenhouses normally capture the heat of sunlight, a double-layered roof, the inner layer coated to reflect infrared light outward, allows visible sunlight in but traps solar heat between the two layers. This heated air, drawn down from the roof, then mixes with the greenhouse air as it reaches a second sea-water-moistened cardboard wall at the back of the greenhouse. There the air absorbs more moisture, which then condenses on a metal wall cooled by seawater, and thus distilled water for irrigating the plants collects. The tendency of hot air to rise, The directional movement of wind, The temperature differential between the sea and the desert

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tapas gupta

For option B, the directional movement of wind is already stated in the second line. That is just the restatement. They how can that be inferred?

Jan 22, 2021 • Comment


Hi Tapas,
It is extremely rare for a choice to be wrong because it is a restatement instead of an inference. If the choice is supported by the passage, you should choose it. This is because "Oriented to the prevailing wind" does not say directly that the process utilizes the direction of wind. This is rather inferred. Hence B is correct.

Jan 23, 2021 • Reply


Rajesh John

How option C,
The difference in temperature between sea and land is nowhere mentioned in the passage. In line 4, the incoming sea breeze is mentioned as hot air. So it implies, the air from sea is hot, from line 1, we are told land temperature is also hot. Should we depend on the scientific phenomenon to answer this question ?

Apr 5, 2017 • Comment


Hi John,

In fact, the first line tells us that deserts are hot, and the end of the passage tells us that the seawater is cool:

1. For hot desert locations...
2. ... which then condenses on a metal wall cooled by seawater...

Apr 5, 2017 • Reply


Chris Lele

Oct 6, 2012 • Comment

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