Source: Official Guide Revised GRE 1st Ed. Part 6; Set 1; #1


Emma spent $75 buying a used bicycle and

Emma spent $75 buying a used bicycle and $27 repairing it. Then she sold the bicycle for 40 percent more than the total amount she spent buying and repairing it. Quantity A The price at which Emma sold the bicycle Quantity B $140 (A) Quantity A is greater., (B) Quantity B is greater., (C) The two quantities are equal., (D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

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Luisa Guzman

Although you answered this, I cannot see the complete question to anything. I tried clicking on it and it doesnt do anything. I can see the Youtube videos but I need the complete question to do the problem

Feb 21, 2018 • Comment

David Recine, Magoosh Tutor

Hi Luisa,

The full question actually is on this page, but it's formatted a little bit differently than it would be in its original source, the GRE Official Guide, 1st Edition.

At the top of this web page, under the big green letters that say "Emma spent $75 buying a used bicycle and", you'll find full text for the question and a full set of answer choices. But if you're having trouble viewing that, let me know. I'll be happy to give you further help if needed. :)

Feb 21, 2018 • Reply


Abhijit Sukul

I am from bangladesh, youtube has not been blocked here, still i can't see the video, what should i do?

May 12, 2016 • Comment

Cydney Seigerman, Magoosh Tutor

Hi Abhijit!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues viewing the video. My first suggestion would be to try a new browser. Magoosh tends to work best with Chrome or Firefox. If you're already using one of these, I'd give the other one a shot and see if that helps. Another option is to watch the video on YouTube: . If you normally don't have issues on YouTube itself, this may be the best option for watching our video explanations. You can watch all of our explanation videos for these questions, as well as other videos on GRE prep and study strategies on our GRE YouTube channel:

I hope this helps :)

May 12, 2016 • Reply


Gravatar Chris Lele, Magoosh Tutor

Oct 6, 2012 • Comment

Richa Sagar

i cant see complete question??

Jan 16, 2016 • Reply

Cydney Seigerman, Magoosh Tutor

Hi Richa! While the formatting is a little off, the entire question can be found below the title of the forum post. If, on the other hand, you're having trouble seeing the answer video, it may be because it is a video hosted on YouTube. If your country blocks YouTube you won't be able to see the answer. :(

Jan 21, 2016 • Reply

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