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Source: Official Guide Revised GRE 1st Ed. Part 8; Section 3; #7


The (i) of Vladimir Nabokov as one of

The (i) of Vladimir Nabokov as one of North America’s literary giants has thrown the spotlight on his peripheral activities and has thus served to (ii) his efforts as an amateur entomologist. Blank (i): stigmatization, lionization, marginalization Blank (ii): foreground, transcend, obscure

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Jorge Isaac Cordero Enriquez


I don't get why "thrown the spotlight" to his *peripheral* activities means that his literary activities have been lionized. If his literary activities are so important, why should anyone pay attention to his other activities?

Shouldn´t it be the other way?

As his literary activities have been set aside, then the focus is on his peripheral activities.


Oct 5, 2017 • Comment


Hi Jorge,

Here's the problem with your logic as I see it: Why would anyone pay any attention at all to someone who's literary activities have been marginalized? If that's the case, then this person is no longer famous at all.

People don't become famous for their peripheral activities. They become famous for what they do most, and then people start paying more attention to everything else they do as well.

Oct 5, 2017 • Reply


Chris Lele

Oct 9, 2012 • Comment

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