Power Prep - Test 1

Where do I find the magoosh video answers?

Chloe Fournier

Posted Aug 18, 2018

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Gravatar David Recine, Magoosh Tutor

Also, although these aren't video explanations, I recommend checking out this exhaustive set of explanation posts for PowerPrep: https://greprepclub.com/forum/powerprep-practice-tests-all-questions-explained-3118.html

Aug 21, 2018 • Comment


Gravatar David Recine, Magoosh Tutor

Hi Chloe,

We have relatively few explanations (video or otherwise) in our PowerPrep section: https://gre.magoosh.com/forum/books/9-powerprep-ii . However, many PowerPrep questions are also duplicated in the Official Guide, and in other GRE practice resources. So if you want to check for a Magoosh video explanation to something you saw on PowerPrep, I recommend simply going to Google and searching for the first several words of the question, plus the words "Magoosh GRE forum."

Aug 21, 2018 • Comment

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