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Intro to Percents

The content provides a comprehensive guide on understanding and converting percents, decimals, and fractions, essential for GRE prep.
  • Percents are fundamentally fractions or decimals, with the term originating from the Latin 'per centum', meaning per 100.
  • Converting between percents and decimals involves moving the decimal point two places, with the direction dependent on the conversion.
  • Changing percents to fractions is straightforward by placing the percent over 100 and simplifying if necessary.
  • Converting fractions to percents can be more complex and often requires converting the fraction to a decimal first.
  • Approximating percents from fractions or division is a useful skill, especially for the GRE, and involves strategic multiplication for easier conversion.
Introduction to Percents
Converting Percents to Decimals
Converting Fractions to Percents
Approximating Percents from Fractions