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Multiple Answer Questions

The lesson focuses on a unique GRE reading comprehension question type known as the multiple answer question (MAQ), detailing strategies for approaching these questions, and applying these techniques to a challenging passage.
  • MAQs are characterized by having three answer choices with the possibility of one, two, or all being correct, distinguished by brackets around the choices.
  • Strategically, it's advised to sometimes skip MAQs if time-constrained, due to their time-consuming nature in requiring careful consideration of each answer choice.
  • A detailed approach to a difficult passage is demonstrated, emphasizing the importance of identifying the primary purpose and key points before tackling the questions.
  • The correct approach to answering MAQs involves going back to the passage for evidence, paraphrasing the question for clarity, and carefully evaluating each answer choice.
  • Specific strategies include skipping time-consuming MAQs if needed, but if attempted, ensuring a thorough examination of evidence and understanding of the question.
Understanding Multiple Answer Questions
Strategies for Approaching MAQs
Applying Techniques to a Difficult Passage
Evaluating Answer Choices