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noun – Supply of light; emanation of luminous rays; light afforded by a luminous body or substance.

noun – The act of illuminating, or the state of being illuminated; a lighting up; specifically, an unusual or profuse display of light; decoration by means of many lights, as in festivity or rejoicing: as, the illumination of a city.

noun – Mental enlightenment; knowledge or insight imparted.

noun – In a special use, the doctrine of the Illuminati; worship of enlightenment or knowledge.

noun – Pictorial ornamentation of books and manuscripts by hand, as practised in the middle ages; adornment by means of pictures, designs, and letters in flat colors, gilt, etc., practised especially in devotional works: as, the art of illumination.

noun – A representation or design in an illuminated work: as, the illuminations of a psalter.

noun – Specifically, the measure of the amount of light falling on a surface.

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