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The GRE became shorter on Sept. 22, 2023

As of 09/22/2023, everyone taking the GRE will be taking this new version, also known as the "Shorter GRE."

Can I Use Magoosh to Study for the Shorter GRE?

Yes! Our lessons, practice questions, and practice tests have already been updated to reflect the changes that happened in 2023, so you can use Magoosh to study for the present-day version of the GRE.

What Does the Shorter GRE Look Like?

Section Number of Questions Time Limit
Essay - Analytical Writing 1 Issue Task 30 minutes
Verbal Section 1 12 questions 18 minutes
Verbal Section 2 15 questions 23 minutes
Math Section 1 12 questions 21 minutes
Math Section 2 15 questions 26 minutes
Total 1 essay and 54 questions ~2 hours

   Note: The Essay section always comes first. The order of the Verbal and Math sections varies.

Also, the scoring scale remains the same:

  • Essay: 0 - 6
  • Verbal: 130 - 170
  • Math: 130 - 170
  • Total Overall GRE Score: 260 - 340

If You Studied for an Older Version of the Exam

Here are some quick highlights on the main differences:

  • Most sections now ask fewer questions and take less time. However, the test topics and question types remain the same.
  • The current GRE only has 1 essay. (Older versions included a 2nd—the Argument Task.)
  • There is no additional unscored section.
  • There is no scheduled 10-minute break.

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