Source: Revised GRE PDF 1st Ed. Section 4: Verbal; #23 (p. 68)


The author of the passage attributes the influence

The author of the passage attributes the influence of British periodicals in shaping public opinion in the nineteenth century in part to While the influence of British magazines in shaping public opinion predates the nineteenth century, it was during the 1800s that mass distribution became possible and an explosion in periodical readership occurred, vastly increasing magazines’ opinion-shaping powers. The role of magazines as arbiters of nineteenth-century taste is seen in their depictions of the London theater. The magazines accorded some legitimacy to East End working-class theaters that mirrored the format of the fashionable West End theaters serving middle- and upper-class audiences. However, the magazines also depicted music halls—which competed for patronage with all theaters—as places where crass entertainment corrupted spectators’ taste and morals. Finally, they suggested that popular demand for substandard fare created a market unfriendly to higher expressions of dramatic art. Blank: a growing public interest in reading opinion pieces, an increase in the relative number of readers from the middle and upper classes, changes in the way in which magazines were distributed, magazines’ increased coverage of theater and popular entertainment, changes in magazine format that attracted a wider readership

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why the question mentions the nineteenth century and the answer is from the eighteen century ?!

Nov 28, 2019 • Comment

Adam Lyons, Magoosh Tutor

Hello Ali,
The nineteenth century = the 1800s. The passage is about this time period, as is the question, so it is consistent :)
Hope that helps!

Dec 1, 2019 • Reply


Kelli Lipson

It seems like an easy answer BUT this part: "the way in which magazines were distributed"....they might have been distributed the same way.....but on a larger scale. Is a larger scale = change in the way they were distributed? I don't understand why the answer would not read "change in the scale of distribution" instead of "change in the way they...". For me change in the way something is distributed would be distributing electronically instead of print or distributing via car rather than by foot...etc.

Jun 24, 2015 • Comment

Jonathan , Magoosh Tutor

Hi Kelli, I see what you're saying, but the passage says that "mass distribution BECAME POSSIBLE." We can definitely call a change to "mass distribution" a change in the "way" magazines were distributed. There isn't a better choices in this case, so (C) has to be correct.

Jun 29, 2015 • Reply


Hongyue Zhang

I can tell the C is correct. But it seem too hard to pick one from A a growing public interest in reading opinion pieces and C. Is "explosion in periodical
readership occurred" in the article match A or this is also the extra information?

Oct 30, 2014 • Comment


Hi Hongyue,

The reason (A) is incorrect is because the passage never talks about "a growing public interest in reading opinion pieces." It only says that there was "an explosion in periodical readership," not that the public's interest in opinion pieces increased. Secondly, this increase in readership occurred because of the "changes in the way in which magazines were distributed."

Feb 26, 2016 • Reply


Gravatar Chris Lele, Magoosh Tutor

Sep 26, 2012 • Comment

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