Answer explanations for ETS Official Guide Edition 2 (CD)?

Hey Magoosh!
Just wanted to know if there are video explanations for the two practice tests from The Official Guide Ed 2 CD?
Just took the first practice test on the CD and I had questions on a few of the quantative problems.

Nikita Bencier

Posted Jul 12, 2014

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Gravatar , Magoosh Tutor

The short answer is no. :(

However, we do happen to have video explanations for the paper-based PDF test, which has a significant amount of overlap with the Official Guide CD practice test questions. We have links to (some, not all) video explanations for the test here:

* http://gre.magoosh.com/videos-for-revised-gre-paper-test

The easiest way to find your answers/explanations is just via Google. If you search site:magoosh.com "__[the first few words from the question]__", you'll find our explanation video near the top of the results if we have one.

Jul 15, 2014 • Comment

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