How to choose dept. code after test date for the univs I already sent my score to

After GRE exam at ETS premises, I selected 4 universities for sending GRE score but didn't select any department code. Examiners told me that I can choose the dept. later. But now, I can't find any option to choose the dept. It's already 2.5 months over after my test date. How can I choose dept. now?


Posted Nov 2, 2018

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Gravatar Adam Lyons, Magoosh Tutor

Hello there,

In my experience most schools do not require a department code. If the school does have a requirement, they will communicate that in the application instructions. Some schools specify that you do need to send in the department code, while others say that you should NOT send in the department code. If it is not specified on the application instructions on the school's website, the best thing you can do is contact them (typically by email first and then a phone call to follow up a few days later) to ask if they have received your score, and if they require a department code. If they do, you will likely have to contact ETS to make that adjustment.

Nov 3, 2018 • Comment

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