N equals the number of positive 3-digit numbers that contain odd digits only.

According to the solution the answer is 5^3 = 125. However, since the question only says "numbers," doesn't this mean that the solution is neglecting possibilities such as 13.5, 57.9, etc.?


Posted Dec 2, 2018

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Sam Kinsman

Hi Sean,

Happy to help! You've asked a good question.

I have a hunch that this practice question might not be from the Official Guide. If it were in the Official Guide (or another ETS source), it would most likely say "3-digit integers" instead of "3-digit numbers." That way, there would be no room for confusion here.

Questions that are not from the ETS (in other words, unofficial questions) are sometimes vague like this. Sometimes these questions are not of very high quality. That's why we recommend that students only practice with official ETS questions if they can!

I hope this helps at least a bit.

Dec 5, 2018 • Comment

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