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Mean, Median, Mode

The content provides an in-depth exploration of measures of center in statistics, focusing on mean, median, and mode, which are crucial for interpreting data sets on the GRE exam.
  • Measures of center are essential for summarizing data sets, with mean and median being the most important for the GRE.
  • The mean is calculated by adding all entries in a list and dividing by the number of entries, offering a simple average.
  • The median is the middle number in an ordered list, requiring sorting of the list and, if necessary, averaging the two middle numbers for lists with an even number of entries.
  • The mode, which is the most frequently appearing number in a list, is considered less important for the GRE.
  • Understanding how to calculate and interpret these measures can significantly aid in answering GRE questions effectively.
Introduction to Statistics and Measures of Center
Understanding the Mean
Calculating and Interpreting the Median
The Role of the Mode