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Introduction to Counting

The module on counting, or elementary combinatorics, equips learners with strategies to tackle problems involving the arrangement and selection of items, emphasizing the mathematical significance of the words 'and' and 'or'.
  • Counting in the GRE context refers to combinatorics, focusing on the arrangement and selection of items under certain conditions.
  • The mathematical operations associated with 'and' (meaning multiply) and 'or' (meaning add) are crucial for solving counting problems.
  • Elementary combinatorics is presented as a less intimidating term for counting, aiming to simplify the concept for learners.
  • Listing possibilities is highlighted as an effective preliminary strategy to gain insights into the appropriate method for solving complex counting problems.
  • The module underscores the importance of understanding the fundamental ideas of addition and multiplication in the context of counting and probability.
Introduction to Counting
The Significance of 'And' and 'Or'
Strategies for Counting