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Intro to Text Completion

The content provides foundational strategies for tackling GRE verbal section questions, specifically focusing on text completions and sentence equivalence questions.
  • Introduction to text completion questions, emphasizing the importance of identifying clues within the sentence to determine the appropriate word for the blank.
  • The necessity of generating one's own word for the blank before looking at the answer choices to avoid being misled.
  • A detailed walkthrough of a sample text completion question, illustrating how to apply the strategy of finding clues and matching them with the correct answer.
  • Explanation of why it's crucial to come up with one's own word for the blank, supported by an example where 'friendly' or 'outgoing' fits the context.
  • Guidance on evaluating answer choices by matching them with the word one has thought of, including tips on dealing with unfamiliar words.
Introduction to Text Completions
Identifying Clues in Sentences
Generating Your Own Word for the Blank
Matching Your Word to the Answer Choices