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Simplifying Complex Sentences

The content focuses on strategies for tackling long and complex sentences in the GRE verbal section, emphasizing the importance of identifying and disregarding extraneous information to find the correct answer.
  • Understanding the concept of 'verbiage' or unnecessary words is crucial in simplifying sentences.
  • Key to success is focusing on important words that hint at the answer, such as 'shunned' in the context of sentence completion.
  • Identifying the core clue in a sentence allows for the elimination of misleading options and selection of the correct answer.
  • The strategy involves ignoring irrelevant details like names, facts, and figures, and concentrating on the sentence's main intent.
  • Applying this approach to text completions involves generating a word that fits the blank based on the sentence's context and matching it with the given options.
Understanding Verbiage
Identifying Key Words and Clues
Strategies for Sentence Simplification
Applying Contextual Clues to Answer Choices