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Testing the Answer Choices

The content provides a strategic approach for tackling GRE text completion questions, especially when the test-taker is unsure about the correct word to fill in the blank.
  • Introduces a method for dealing with questions where the test-taker cannot easily identify the correct word for a blank.
  • Emphasizes using context clues within the sentence to narrow down the choices.
  • Suggests plugging in each option to see which one makes the most logical sense in the context of the sentence.
  • Highlights the importance of flexibility and reasoning in the test-taking process, allowing for the elimination of incorrect answers.
  • Advises on the last-resort strategy of choosing between words based on their fit in the sentence, especially when faced with unfamiliar vocabulary.
Understanding the Challenge
Strategic Approach to Text Completion
Elimination and Selection Process
Finalizing the Answer

Q. What if there are two or more difficult words in the answer choices?

A. Being in a situation where you don't know more than two of the words can be very tricky. The best advice is to continue to grow your vocabulary and contextual reading skills so that you are rarely in a situation where you don't know 2+ words. To improve your vocabulary, it is very important to read as MUCH as possible. This will improve your knowledge of vocabulary in context as well as your comprehension. As you read, make flashcards of the vocabulary words that you don't know. Pause every so often, and recap the main message in your own words. Click on the following links for some suggested reading materials: newspapers and magazines, fiction and nonfiction books.

You should also take a look at our vocabulary eBook. It includes 300 of the most commonly tested words on the GRE.

For more advice, watch this lesson video on difficult words: