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Testing the Answer Choices


In this video, we are going to go through a type of question where you may not really be able to come up with the perfect word, or the word that you come up with doesn't quite match with the other words, or maybe you're just really not sure at all what goes in here in the blank. So let's read the sentence and assume, again, that we don't quite understand what it's saying.

Poetically referred to as or flower visitor by the Spanish. The Hummingbird has the curious blank of having the fastest heartbeat of any extent, vertebrate. So you read that and again, you can't really come up with your own word, but you try, but you follow the basic steps and so you're kind of at a loss here. What do you do?

Well, can arrive at the answer by plugging the words back in. And now I want to stress in this video that this should be almost a last ditch effort. Meaning that we want to follow the basic steps of finding the clue which we'll do here of course. But then coming up with our own word and matching, here, we can look for clues and cause but ultimately we're gonna have to plug the word back in and see which one makes the most sense.

Okay, so we start here with notion, has the curious notion of having the fastest heart allowed. So you think about notion, it means an idea. So you can substitute the word idea. Has the curious idea? Well no, seems to have the curious something, maybe characteristic.

And sometimes when you start plugging the words back in, you can even arrive at your own word that way. Notion doesn't work. A distinction, a distinction is something that sets something or someone apart from others. And so this seems like a distinction and it has the fastest heartbeat sounds in its own little group the fastest heartbeat group.

So maybe this works, we'll put a little question mark there. Necessity, so anywhere in the sense are there clues supporting the idea that the hummingbird has to have the fastest hear? Maybe you have a background in science, and think, I've read somewhere that they have to have that really fast-beating heart, otherwise their wings can't move that quickly.

But that doesn't matter, in the sentence itself, there are no clues backing up necessity. So you can get rid of this. Ignominy, or ignominy, you don't really know what it means, I'm assuming. It's the hardest word of the batch, and so you can also put a question mark next to it.

Fortunate, curious fortunate is luck is are there any clues here supporting in a sentence anywhere where it's a lucky thing to have the fastest heartbeat like and the answer is no. So you can see that we're between these two answers and one of them works. Plugged it back in, kind of made sense. The other one, we really don't know what this word means.

And so if one seems to make sense and there's a mysterious word, get rid of the mysterious word. On the other hand, if distinction didn't make sense, you really weren't sure, was iffy, but there was this word you didn't know, it was probably the word you didn't do. But here ignominy which means disgrace doesn't work and distinction's our answer.

So again, we went back, try to figure out what's going on, we weren't able to. And so therefore especially for these more difficult questions, it's important we have a little bit of flexibility and know that we can plug the words back in once we thought about the sentence and really reason with these words and sometimes even come up with their own work, whether that's quality or characteristic. But doesn't really matter as long as you can get the right answer.

Choose a word that makes sense in the context of the sentence.

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