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Intro to No Shift Sentences

Understanding no shift sentences is crucial for mastering GRE text completion questions, focusing on sentences that maintain a consistent meaning or mood throughout without introducing contrasts or contradictions.
  • No shift sentences are characterized by similar connotation and meaning across different parts of the sentence, lacking any contrast or apparent contradiction.
  • Key signal words for no shift sentences include 'and', 'also', 'because', and 'indeed', among others, which indicate a continuation of the same idea or theme.
  • Contrastingly, shift sentences, which are important to distinguish from no shift sentences, contain words that signal a change in direction or contradiction, such as 'though' or 'but'.
  • In answering GRE text completion questions, it's essential to identify no shift sentences and choose words that maintain the sentence's consistent mood or meaning.
  • Practical examples illustrate how to apply these concepts, emphasizing the importance of selecting answer choices that create the correct level of similarity and avoiding those that introduce shifts or are too neutral.
Defining No Shift Sentences
Identifying Signal Words
Practical Application and Examples
Advanced No Shift Sentence Strategies
Key Takeaways and Review