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The content focuses on understanding the concept of apposition in sentence structure, particularly in the context of GRE text completions, emphasizing the importance of recognizing word relationships to deduce the correct answer.
  • Apposition involves two adjacent words in a sentence, typically adjectives, that are closely related in meaning.
  • The presence of the word 'even' signals that the second adjective is an extreme form of the first.
  • Understanding the meaning of 'pointed' as exact or overtly critical helps in identifying the correct word to fill the blank.
  • The correct answer is a word that is more extreme than 'pointed' and in the provided example, 'polemical' fits as it denotes an impassioned, argumentative attack.
  • Knowledge of specific vocabulary words is less crucial than understanding the relationship between the words in apposition.
Understanding Apposition
Identifying Word Relationships
Choosing the Correct Word
Applying Knowledge to Text Completions