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QC Strategies - Picking Numbers

The strategy of picking numbers in GRE quantitative comparison questions is a nuanced technique that involves selecting specific values to test the relationships between quantities, especially when variables are involved. This approach has its strengths and limitations, requiring a blend of strategic selection and logical analysis to effectively determine the correct answer.
  • Picking numbers is particularly effective for questions involving variables in both answer choices or when comparing a variable to a number with an algebraic expression.
  • This strategy can definitively identify 'D' (the quantities cannot be determined) as the correct answer when different numbers yield different relationships between the quantities.
  • Picking numbers alone cannot always definitively determine the answer; logical and mathematical reasoning is often required to ascertain whether 'A', 'B', or 'C' is correct.
  • It's crucial to consider different categories of numbers when picking numbers, including positive, negative, integers, fractions, and decimals, to ensure a comprehensive analysis.
  • The art of picking numbers well involves not just random selection but thoughtful consideration of the mathematical situation to guide the choice of numbers.
Introduction to Picking Numbers
Efficiency and Limitations of Picking Numbers
Strategic Selection and Logical Analysis
The Art of Picking Numbers