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QC Questions & Algebra

The lesson focuses on strategies for tackling quantitative comparison (QC) questions on the GRE, particularly those involving algebraic expressions and patterns.
  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding algebraic patterns such as the square of a sum, the square of a difference, and the difference of two squares.
  • Illustrates through practice problems how to apply these patterns to solve QC questions effectively.
  • Advises on multiplying both quantities by the same positive number, simplifying algebraic expressions, and the significance of recognizing perfect squares.
  • Highlights the necessity of remembering to include the plus or minus sign when taking the square root of a variable squared.
  • Stresses the importance of understanding inequalities and basic rules to deduce the relationship between two quantities.
Algebraic Patterns in QC Questions
Strategies for Simplifying Expressions
Recognizing and Applying Algebraic Patterns
The Importance of the Plus or Minus Sign
Understanding Inequalities and Basic Rules