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Scoring Range


In this video we are going to talk about scoring on the GRE. This is the big question. What is the score range? What is the score I'm gonna get? So this is a great place to start. First off, the range is very definite, from 130 to 170 for each section.

So Math is 130-170, as is Verbal. So essentially 260 composite is the lowest you can get, and 340 is the highest with 300 being in the middle. So good thing to know, composite is 340 but oftentimes people speak in terms of their scores per section. Finally, there's the essay section which is great from a 0.0 to a 6.0.

So quite a range, you definitely get a 0. 6.0 is something that's very difficult to achieve, only the top 2 or 3% of test takers are able to do so. So definitely quite a summit to aim for. And then as far as the old scale goes, why am I even mentioning t$he old scale now that I've gone through the new scale?

Well, some of you may have taken the GRE before it changed in August 2011. And you're wondering, well, should I really take the new GRE? Is my score good enough? How long is it valid for? Or even if you're pretty certain you're gonna take the new GRE and just wanna see how you'd stack up against your old score.

So the first thing to know, old scale was based on 200 to 800. That was for both the math and the verbal section so you actually had a composite of 1600. So this score that you got, so you got 1250, that score is valid til 2016. So if you go back there and you say, well, I've got my 1250 again, 200 to 800, but not the verbal.

You wanna think to yourself or you wanna see how good is that score. What do I need to get on the new GRE? Well, a great place to find out that information is at the ETS site. So I highly encourage you to go there just to see how you did on the old test and what you need to do and what score you need to achieve on the new GRE.

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