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Geometry Strategies - Part I

Mastering geometry for the GRE requires both visual and logical skills, emphasizing the importance of diagrams for problem-solving.
  • Always create or redraw diagrams to visually process and solve geometry problems, marking them with given and deduced information.
  • Use symbols and notations like squares for perpendicular and arrows for parallel lines to enhance understanding and problem-solving efficiency.
  • Extending lines or adding new ones in diagrams can facilitate calculations, and assigning variables to lengths or angles allows for algebraic solutions.
  • Develop the skill to dissect diagrams, looking at both the details and the bigger picture, to apply geometric properties effectively.
  • The ability to switch perspectives between detailed and broader views of diagrams is crucial for solving complex geometry problems.
The Importance of Diagrams in Geometry
Enhancing Diagrams for Problem Solving
Strategic Use of Variables and Algebra in Geometry
Dissecting Diagrams: Looking Big and Small