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Brittny Profile Picture

Brittny has a BS in Nuclear Medicine, a Master's in Business Administration, and a Master's in Healthcare Administration as well as over 7 years of teaching experience and 10 years of tutoring experience, specializing in standardized test prep. Brittny is passionate about teaching and tutoring (math is her favorite subject) and loves all kinds of music, puzzles, and spending quality time with her dog, family, and friends!

Linnea Profile Picture

Linnea is a Live Class Instructor and part of Magoosh’s content development team. She has 15+ years' teaching experience, both in classes and 1:1, helping students of diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds reach their full scoring potential. Although fluent in all sections of the GRE, she excels at teaching GRE Verbal topics and the AWA essays. She also supports prospective domestic and international students as a writing coach for graduate application essays.

Melody Profile Picture

Melody has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of South Florida and a background in tutoring, test prep, and classroom teaching. When she's not working with students or making lessons, she's probably drinking coffee or tea, trying out a new makeup look, or enjoying the fresh air.

Taryn Profile Picture

Taryn is a GRE and SAT Live Class Instructor who has been teaching and tutoring various standardized tests and school topics for over a decade. She’s dedicated to ensuring that all of her students deeply and thoroughly understand the material in an efficient manner. When Taryn isn’t teaching, she’s conducting experimental research, falling down Wikipedia rabbit-holes, building her Spotify playlist of 2800+ songs, or lounging at the beach.

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From the Archives: Plug in Numbers to Supercharge your Math

Want to answer math questions faster? Join us live as we solve some practice questions with a focus on maximizing efficiency through plugging in numbers.

Taught by Brian Giragosian
Magoosh Expert

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AWA Argument Essay: How to Identify and Analyze Flaws

Does identifying the flaws in an argument essay leave you arguing with yourself? Join us to hone your skills in identifying and analyzing AWA argument essay flaws so that you can write a stellar essay!


The Best Way to Learn Vocab

Nervous about assimilating GRE vocabulary? Does seeing the word "assimilate" make your heart palpitate? Join our live class for a crash course all about making learning GRE vocabulary effective and enjoyable!


Algebra Workshop

Struggling to dust off those old algebra skills? Join us as we work on some fundamentals and practice some tricks to tackle the most common algebra on the GRE.


Admissions: How to Plan for Application Season.

Ready to apply to grad school, but don't know where to start? Join a Magoosh expert to discuss the big picture aspects of grad school applications and how you can get started planning your own application journey.

Online Classes FAQ

Who should sign up for live classes?

Any Magoosh student looking for accountability and structured preparation for the GRE. Live classes are a great opportunity to ask your questions in live time and to obtain clarification on any concepts that you're struggling with.

How long are the classes?

Each class is one hour long.

Where are the classes held?

Each class is hosted online on Zoom. You can register to each class via your Magoosh online dashboard.

What will I do in each class?

The instructor creates a lesson plan for each class. By participating in classes, you'll strengthen your test-taking strategies in the most important GRE concepts.

I've signed up for the Premium + Classes plan... what do I do now?

You can register and drop into any upcoming classes that you see from your dashboard. While you wait, explore the 1600+ practice questions and tons of video lessons we have.

Why should I join an online class?

You'll get instant feedback on questions, see how other students approach the same problems, and learn key strategies from the pros.

When are live classes held?

Classes are held around 4 times per week. Our current class times are selected for United States time zones. If a time doesn't work for you, you can watch on-demand recordings.

Is there any limit to the number of classes I can take?

Nope! You can take an unlimited number of drop-in classes and watch an unlimited number of the on-demand recordings. There's no extra cost for joining classes during your active Premium + Classes subscription.

Where can I check out Magoosh's other GRE prep options?

Visit our plans page to check out all of our different prep options.

What if there's internet connection issues?

If you're unsure if your internet connection will be sufficient, we'd recommend you take a 7-day trial and see how it goes prior to purchasing.

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