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Multiple Sentences

The lesson focuses on strategies for tackling double-blank text completion questions in multiple sentences on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of understanding the overall paragraph context and generating one's own answers before considering the provided options.
  • Read the entire paragraph first to avoid being misled by information designed to distract or trick test-takers.
  • Identify the easiest blank to fill and come up with your own word for it, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the paragraph's big picture.
  • Avoid starting with the answer choices as this can bias your interpretation of the paragraph; instead, cover them up and focus on understanding the text.
  • Use clues from various parts of the sentences, not just words adjacent to the blanks, to inform your answers.
  • After filling in the blanks with your own words, verify your choices by considering the provided options, ensuring they align with the overall meaning derived from the paragraph.
Understanding the Paragraph Context
Generating Your Own Answers
Avoiding Answer Choice Bias
Verifying Your Choices