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Intro to Double Blank Sentences

The module on two blank text completions focuses on strategies that build upon those used for one blank text completions, emphasizing the importance of understanding sentence structure, identifying keywords, and tackling each blank individually to deduce the correct answers.
  • Read the entire sentence to understand its structure and identify the type of text completion, which helps in defining the blanks.
  • Look for keywords and clues within the sentence that hint at the answers, and remember to deal with one blank at a time for a clearer approach.
  • Use the process of elimination and understanding of word meanings to find the correct answer choices for both blanks, ensuring they fit the context and tone of the sentence.
  • Understand that getting both blanks correct is necessary to receive full credit, highlighting the importance of accuracy in both parts of the answer.
  • Apply basic strategies from one blank text completions to two blank questions, such as reading the entire sentence and identifying sentence types, to improve chances of selecting the right answers.
Introduction to Two Blank Text Completions
Applying Strategies to Example Questions
Analyzing Sentence Structure and Keywords
Final Thoughts on Two Blank Text Completions