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Intro to Fractions

This module provides a comprehensive overview of fractions, aiming to demystify the topic and enhance understanding for GRE exam preparation.
  • Fractions can be positive or negative, and there's an infinite number of fractions between any two integers.
  • Key terms include numerator (top part of a fraction) and denominator (bottom part).
  • Fractions can be viewed through arithmetic (division) or visualization (pieces of a pie), employing different sides of the brain.
  • Equivalent fractions have the same numerical value despite different numerators and denominators; they can be simplified to lowest terms for ease of calculation.
  • Improper fractions (numerator larger than denominator) and mixed numerals (part integer, part fraction) are interchangeable, but improper fractions are generally more efficient for calculations.
Introduction to Fractions
Understanding Numerators and Denominators
Equivalent Fractions and Simplification
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numerals