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Intro to GRE Math

The GRE math section requires a strategic approach that emphasizes logic and problem-solving skills over complex calculations, with a focus on minimizing calculator use and enhancing mental math abilities.
  • Understanding the role of the calculator in the GRE math section is crucial; it should not be overused due to time consumption and potential for mistakes.
  • The GRE tests your ability to use logic and problem-solving skills rather than your capacity to perform complicated calculations.
  • Most problems in the quant section can be solved with minimal calculation by analyzing the logic behind the problem, which is a key strategy for increasing your score.
  • Becoming comfortable with mental math and practicing basic math calculations in everyday life are essential steps towards success in the GRE math section.
  • Identifying simple, elegant solutions and performing only necessary calculations can significantly improve your performance on the math sections.
Introduction to GRE Math Section
The Role of the Calculator
Emphasizing Logic Over Calculation
The Importance of Mental Math