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Intro to Quantitative Comparison

The content provides an in-depth exploration of the quantitative comparison questions on the GRE, highlighting their unique format, strategies for tackling them, and the importance of understanding the answer choices.
  • Quantitative comparison questions are unique to the GRE and involve comparing two quantities to determine which is greater, or if they are equal, or if the relationship cannot be determined.
  • The four answer choices for these questions are consistent, with each representing a specific comparison outcome between Quantity A and Quantity B.
  • Understanding and memorizing the answer choices is crucial for efficiently tackling these questions.
  • The content includes practice questions to illustrate the process of comparing quantities and emphasizes the importance of considering all possible values, including fractions and decimals, not just integers.
  • Strategies for approaching these questions, including comparing quantities in the same form and considering all categories of numbers, are discussed to avoid common traps.
Introduction to Quantitative Comparison Questions
Understanding the Answer Choices
Strategies for Tackling Quantitative Comparisons
Practice Questions and Common Traps

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