Magoosh Student Review

This is a survey response from an actual Magoosh student after they took the GRE.


Aug 1, 2014

What was your overall score on the actual GRE? 327
What was your math score? 161
What was your verbal score? 166
How did Magoosh help you?
Magoosh was by far the most helpful resource, and also the cheapest that I used in my studying. I was very scared in the beginning because I knew that my vocabulary wasn't that strong. But as you can see with my score that proved to be my strongest area. Magoosh is constantly providing different mechanisms to study. The Gre Vocabulary Builder was very crucial in the last two weeks of studying before the test. The practice questions proved to be more challenging than the actual GRE. On test day, I was more than prepared for the questions I received.