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Magoosh Student Review

This is a survey response from an actual Magoosh student after they took the GRE.

Jan 18, 2013

Score Improvement: +26 points
What was your overall score on the actual GRE? 331
What was your math score? 167
What was your verbal score? 164
If you took the GRE before, what was your previous math score? 149
If you took the GRE before, what was your previous verbal score? 156
How did Magoosh help you?
Just a note: those "before scores" reflect how I scored on the first ETS Practice GRE, not on an actual GRE.

I hate the GRE. I hate the whole idea of the GRE. It's a glorified IQ test that I believe is completely irrelevant to how smart or capable a person is. It's a total waste of time. Standardized testing also happens to be something that I am abominable at by nature. Magoosh taught me EVERY math concept that I needed to know (and I was a Physics major scoring in the 45 percentile in math!!!), how to go about approaching the verbal questions, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, repeated Magoosh practice literally conditioned me to skip, skip, and skip some more! Pacing is what improved my score the most: learning NOT to be too thorough, learning to leave things behind, and plunge forward. I went from a 305 on the first ETS Practice test to a 331 on the real deal. That's a 26 point improvement! But it wasn't easy; I wasted about 2 months of my life trying to beat this stupid monster and I took over 15 practice tests (Manhattan Prep, Princeton Review, ETS, and Magoosh). My score did not just jump from a 305 to a 331, it gradually climbed with hard work and lots of wasted hours. It was a bittersweet accomplishment :). Magoosh made practicing easier, more accessible, and more HUMAN. Thank you thank you thank you!