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The content provides an in-depth exploration of the concept of multiples, distinguishing them from factors, and elaborates on the relationships between multiples of a number through addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Multiples and factors are distinct concepts; factors are numbers that divide into another number without leaving a remainder, while multiples are the product of a number and any integer.
  • An infinite number of multiples can be generated by continuously multiplying a number by integers.
  • The sum, difference, or product of multiples of a number will also be a multiple of that number, but this rule does not apply to division.
  • Understanding the relationship between multiples and factors is crucial for solving GRE quantitative problems, especially those involving divisibility and multiplication.
  • Practical examples and problems are provided to apply the concept of multiples in the context of GRE prep, highlighting the importance of recognizing patterns and relationships between numbers.
Understanding Multiples and Factors
Distinguishing Between Multiples and Factors
The Infinite Nature of Multiples
Practical Application and Problem Solving