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Intro to Reading Comprehension

The GRE Reading Comprehension section is designed to test your ability to understand and analyze written material, with a variety of question types and passage lengths.
  • Passages range from 80 to 450 words, covering obscure topics to ensure an even playing field for all test-takers.
  • Expect around 13 reading comprehension questions, mixed with text completions and sentence equivalences throughout the verbal section.
  • Question types include multiple-choice with five options, multiple-answer with exactly three options, and select-the-sentence questions.
  • The layout of the test varies, but typically includes a mix of text completions, reading passages of varying lengths, and sentence equivalences.
  • Improvement in reading comprehension may take longer than other sections, emphasizing the importance of practice.
Understanding Passage Lengths and Topics
Question Types and Formats
Test Layout and Strategy
Improvement and Practice