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Inference Questions

The essence of tackling GRE inference questions lies in understanding the nuanced difference between real-life inferences and GRE-specific inferences, focusing on logical extensions from the text rather than paraphrases or assumptions.
  • Inference questions on the GRE demand identification of conclusions that are not directly stated but are the only logical extension of the passage.
  • GRE inferences must be inevitably true based on the passage, avoiding any leaps or assumptions not supported by the text.
  • Correct inferences hinge on 'becauses' rather than 'ifs', emphasizing direct, logical connections to the passage.
  • Paraphrases of the passage's content do not qualify as valid inferences under GRE criteria.
  • Applying outside knowledge or common sense to infer something not explicitly linked to the passage's content is a common trap.
Understanding GRE Inferences
Identifying Correct vs. Incorrect Inferences
Navigating Common Traps in Inference Questions
Applying Inference Principles to Practice Questions