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Intro to Sentence Shifts

The module focuses on understanding and applying the concept of sentence shifters, particularly through the identification and use of reversers in sentence construction to indicate a shift in direction or contrast within the sentence.
  • Introduction to reversers such as 'though', 'although', 'even though', 'despite', 'yet', and 'but' as pivotal words that signal a shift in the sentence's direction.
  • Explanation of the strategy to identify the opposite meaning required by the blank in the sentence based on the context provided before and after the comma.
  • Demonstration of applying the concept through examples, highlighting the importance of matching the answer choices to the inferred opposite meaning.
  • Guidance on using additional clues within the sentence, such as apposition, to further refine the choice of words that fit the sentence's intended meaning.
  • Emphasis on the systematic approach to GRE sentence completion questions by first identifying reversers and then logically deducing the correct word choice.
Understanding Reversers
Applying Reversers in Sentence Completion
Strategic Approach to Answer Selection
Advanced Application of Reversers

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