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Intro to Motion Questions

The content focuses on mastering motion questions for the GRE exam, emphasizing the importance of the distance, rate, and time relationship encapsulated in the D=RT formula. It highlights the necessity of unit consistency and the ability to perform unit conversions.
  • Understanding and applying the D=RT formula is crucial for solving motion problems.
  • The ability to manipulate the formula to solve for distance, rate, or time based on the given variables is essential.
  • Unit consistency is vital; ensure that distance, rate, and time are in compatible units.
  • Unit conversions are often necessary and can be facilitated by treating conversions as fractions equal to one.
  • Practical examples illustrate the application of these concepts in solving GRE motion questions.
Understanding the D=RT Formula
Solving for Distance, Rate, and Time
Mastering Unit Conversions
Applying Knowledge to GRE Questions