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Intro to Sequences

Understanding sequences is crucial for GRE prep, focusing on their patterns, notation, and algebraic definitions to solve related problems.
  • Sequences are ordered lists of numbers following identifiable patterns, essential for the GRE exam.
  • Notation involves representing sequences with a lowercase letter and individual terms with numerical subscripts, e.g., a sub 5 = 28.
  • Algebraic formulas for sequences allow for the determination of any term in the sequence, facilitating the solving of GRE questions.
  • Practice problems demonstrate how to apply knowledge of sequences to find term values and differences, emphasizing the importance of understanding sequence patterns and algebraic definitions.
  • Understanding basic sequence patterns and their algebraic representations is foundational for tackling GRE sequence problems.
Introduction to Sequences
Notation and Representation
Algebraic Formulas for Sequences
Solving Sequence Problems