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The essence of utilizing mnemonics for GRE prep is to enhance memory retention through creative and vivid imagery or associations, making it easier to recall vocabulary words.
  • Mnemonics are creative memory devices that use visuals or associations to aid in remembering specific information.
  • The more unique and ridiculous the mnemonic, the more likely it is to stick in your mind, aiding long-term retention.
  • Creating personal mnemonics can be more effective than using someone else's, as the process makes the memory more 'sticky'.
  • Examples of mnemonics include associating words with vivid, often absurd, stories or images that relate to the word's meaning.
  • Mnemonics can also involve playing with the structure or sound of the word to make its definition more memorable.
Introduction to Mnemonics
Creating Effective Mnemonics
Applying Mnemonics to Vocabulary
Advanced Mnemonic Strategies