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Obscure Vocabulary

The focus is on identifying which words are too obscure for the GRE and providing strategies to discern high-frequency words from obscure vocabulary.
  • Words featured in Magoosh's vocab book and Vocab Wednesday are generally not too obscure for the GRE.
  • Using or as tools can help determine the frequency and relevance of a word for the GRE.
  • Words appearing in the New York Times at least once or twice a year are considered relevant for GRE preparation.
  • It's advised to stick to high-frequency words and trusted sources like Magoosh, Manhattan GRE, Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barron's for GRE vocabulary preparation.
  • Venturing into obscure vocabulary can be risky and may not be beneficial for GRE test day.
Identifying Obscure Words
Trusted Sources for GRE Vocabulary
Methods to Determine Word Relevance
Advice on GRE Vocabulary Preparation