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Factoring - Combined

The essence of the content revolves around advanced factoring techniques for tackling challenging Quant problems on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of combining basic factoring methods to solve complex expressions.
  • Introduction to combining various factoring techniques to address difficult Quant problems, highlighting its relevance for the GRE.
  • Examples illustrating the process of factoring expressions by first extracting the greatest common factor, then applying specific factoring methods like difference of squares.
  • Demonstration of factoring more intimidating expressions by rearranging terms and identifying even powers, showcasing the application of advanced factoring strategies.
  • Emphasis on the practical application of these factoring techniques as a step towards solving larger, more complicated problems rather than as standalone tasks.
  • Preview of utilizing factoring in the context of solving algebraic equations, setting the stage for further exploration in the Algebra Expressions section.
Introduction to Advanced Factoring Techniques
Factoring by Greatest Common Factor and Difference of Squares
Factoring Complex Trinomials
Advanced Factoring: Rearranging and Identifying Squares
The Role of Factoring in Solving GRE Quant Problems