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Strange Operators

Understanding and solving problems with strange operators in advanced algebra is crucial for GRE test-takers, emphasizing the importance of not panicking and methodically applying given rules.
  • Strange operators are symbols in math problems that are unfamiliar and defined within the test question itself.
  • The GRE will always provide a rule for how to use these operators, making it essential to carefully read and apply these instructions.
  • Practical examples include operations like 'star', 'arrow', and 'phi', each with specific rules for calculation.
  • Key to solving these problems is to not panic, as these symbols are new to everyone and to follow the provided rule precisely.
  • Order of operations is crucial, especially when expressions involve parentheses, ensuring the correct sequence of calculations.
Introduction to Strange Operators
Applying Given Rules
Practical Application and Examples
Maintaining Composure and Methodical Calculation