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Listing vs Counting vs Probability Rules

The essence of tackling GRE probability questions lies in discerning which problem-solving technique to apply, whether it be listing, counting, or formal algebraic probability rules.
  • Use formal algebraic rules for problems with algebraic expressions or involving simple inanimate objects like coins, cards, or dice.
  • Listing is only effective for problems with very short lists of fewer than ten possibilities, and it's rarely the solution but can help initiate the problem-solving process.
  • Counting techniques are best suited for problems involving selections from a set with specific restrictions.
  • Considering the complement of what you're trying to find can simplify the calculation process, requiring creativity and outside-the-box thinking.
  • Developing the skill to choose the appropriate technique is a right-brain, pattern-matching process that improves with practice and careful study of solution sets.
Choosing the Right Technique
When to Use Formal Algebraic Rules
The Role of Listing in Problem Solving
Applying Counting Techniques
The Importance of Practice and Pattern Recognition