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Law of Exponents - II

The content delves into the advanced concepts of exponents, focusing on their distribution over multiplication and division, the common mistakes learners make, and strategies for simplifying expressions involving powers.
  • Exponents can be distributed across multiplication and division, allowing for simplification of expressions.
  • It is a common mistake to try distributing exponents over addition or subtraction, which is mathematically incorrect.
  • Factoring out the greatest common factor in expressions involving sums or differences of powers can simplify the expression.
  • Understanding the legal and illegal operations with exponents is crucial for solving GRE problems effectively.
  • Equating exponents when the bases are the same is a key strategy in solving equations involving exponents.
Distributive Law of Exponents
Common Mistakes with Exponents
Simplifying Expressions Involving Powers
Equating Exponents with Equal Bases