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Simplifying Roots

The essence of simplifying square roots for the GRE exam involves breaking down the root into its prime factors or identifying the largest perfect-square factor to simplify the expression into a form that is recognizable among the answer choices.
  • Understanding how to simplify square roots is crucial for solving GRE problems, as answers are presented in their simplest form.
  • Roots distribute over multiplication, allowing the separation of a root of products into a product of roots, facilitating simplification.
  • Knowing the square roots of the first 15 perfect squares is beneficial for quick simplification.
  • The process involves expressing the number under the radical as the product of a perfect square times another number, then simplifying.
  • For particularly large numbers, it may be necessary to factor out the largest squares or find the full prime factorization to simplify the expression fully.
  • Practice problems demonstrate the application of these strategies to simplify square roots effectively for the GRE exam.
Introduction to Simplifying Roots
The Process of Simplification
Applying Simplification to GRE Problems
Practice Problem and Summary