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What's on the GRE?

The content provides a comprehensive overview of the GRE test format, detailing the structure, timing, and order of sections, along with strategic advice for test preparation.
  • The GRE comprises an Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), two Quantitative Reasoning sections, and two Verbal Reasoning sections.
  • The total time to complete the GRE is 1 hour and 58 minutes, with specific time allocations for each section.
  • The order of the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections is random following the AWA, necessitating flexible preparation strategies.
  • The removal of the unscored experimental section and the ten-minute break are recent changes to the GRE format.
  • Test takers are advised against taking breaks during practice sessions that they won't have during the actual exam.
Understanding the GRE Structure
Section Timing and Order
Adapting to Test Changes